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Zagreb, Croatia
16 -21 September 2011


quality criteria for museum education

The aim of the conference is to discuss criteria for quality in  museum education. What do we mean by "good" museum education? When it is good, does it mean that we are necessarily successful in what we do?
What do we mean by standards of museum education? How does the global crisis influence the quality of museum education? While some experience dramatic changes due to the crisis, for others the crisis is a permanent condition.
How do we adapt or fail to preserve the quality of our programs if and when a crisis is actually a permanent condition?

We are also interested in considering issues related to "good" education for museum educators / teachers. How have training programs for Museum Education evolved in recent decades?
How have these changes been reflected in the performance of education?
Do we perform "specialised education" in museums, or are we involved in  a broader field of "cultural education"?
How can we help those who have no formal training in museum education to work as professional educators?
Are there links between the motivation of professionals and the quality of museum education?

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