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Welcome to Zagreb, the capital city of the Republic of Croatia. Zagreb is an old Central European city. For centuries it has been the focal point of culture and science, and now of commerce and industry as well. It lies at the intersection of important routes between the Adriatic Coast and Central Europe.

When the Croatian people achieved their independence in 1991, Zagreb became the capital - a political and administrative centre for the Republic of Croatia. Zagreb is also the hub of business, academic, cultural, artistic and sporting worlds in Croatia. Many famed scientists, artists and athletes come from the city, or work in it. Zagreb can offer its visitors the Baroque atmosphere of the Upper Town, picturesque open-air markets, diverse shopping facili­ties, an abundant selection of crafts and a choice vernacular cuisine. Zagreb is a city of green parks and walks, with many places to visit in the beautiful surroundings. The city entered into the third millennium with a population of one million. In spite of the rapid development of the economy and transportation, it has retained its charm, and a relaxed feeling that makes it a genuinely humane city.

Only in Zagreb is the noon announced by a cannon shot, a unique mummy with Etruscan inscription waits for you, the smallest funicular in the world takes you to the Upper Town...
Did you know that Croatia is a homeland of a tie, ball-point pen, and so much more...

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